Medical Marijuana Could Soon Be An Available Treatment At Opioid Drug Rehab Centers in New Mexico

Opioid drug rehab centers in New Mexico are saying patients fare better with treatment and sobriety when freely allowed to use medical marijuana during recovery. Last month, a state advisory panel voted five-to-one in favor of adding opiate abuse disorder to the list of conditions that qualify residents for medical marijuana. Health professionals are now saying that treating opioid abuse using medical marijuana could help the state improve its opioid addiction rates.

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Using Medical Marijuana To Treat Opioid Addiction

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The use of medical marijuana could reduce overdose and death rates in New Mexico.

According to Dr. Laura Brown, an addiction specialist at a rehab center in Santa Fe, patients at her treatment center who struggle with opioid addiction experience better success with recovery when using medical marijuana. Brown spoke at the panel to share her professional experiences with treating opioid addiction using cannabis, and is one of the leading endorsements for the proposed medical marijuana expansion.

Now, it’s up to Lynn Gallagher, the New Mexico Health Secretary at the Department of Health, to determine whether opiate abuse disorder should be recognized as a legitimate health condition that can be treated using medical marijuana. If Gallagher approves the expansion, thousands of state residents who struggle with heroin and opioid addiction can gain access to medical marijuana for treatment. This motion will also help New Mexico improve and lower its opioid addiction and overdose death rates.

Some officials are saying expanding access to medical marijuana for opioid addiction treatment will just allow addicts to switch from one problem to another. But Brown says the policy change would benefit public communities throughout New Mexico by lending to lower crime rates, lower healthcare costs, and fewer drug overdose deaths. The treatment specialist adds that increasing access to medical marijuana for addiction would also help keep children safer and families more stable.

Treating Opioid Dependency and Addiction at Rehab

Rehab patients who struggle with opioid addiction experience an easier, more comfortable recovery when they have freedom to use medical marijuana, according to a study recently published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence. The study found that patients who smoke cannabis experience fewer problems with sleep and anxiety, and are more likely to stick with treatment than those not using cannabis. Another study published in Health Affairs found that prescription drug use in general decreases when medical marijuana is an available treatment option.

Though medical marijuana is not yet widely available at many opioid rehab centers, there are several other treatments proven successful at combating opioid addiction. Most rehab centers work closely with patients to determine the best possible course of treatment based on their personal health needs, preferences, and addiction statuses.

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