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As Teen Substance Abuse Rises Statewide, Concerns Raise About Youth Treatments at Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in New Mexico

Substance abuse affects more teens in New Mexico than in most other states, according to a nationwide survey. The Land of Enchantment ranks second highest in teen cocaine and Ecstasy use, fifth highest in methamphetamine use, and eighth highest in heroin use. These findings have advocates throughout the state concerned about the availability of teen …

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New Opioid Prevention Policies Aim To Lower Addiction Rates, Connect Addicts With New Mexico Rehab Centers

The drug overdose death rate in New Mexico was the second highest in the nation in 2014, and spurred a number of statewide efforts aimed at preventing opioid addiction. Though data from the New Mexico Department of Health shows that nearly two-thirds of New Mexico counties experienced fewer overdose deaths in 2015, the state is …

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Families, Overdose Victims, and New Mexico Rehab Centers Receive Naloxone Training To Prevent Overdose Deaths

The Santa Fe Fire Department and an anti-drug and alcohol abuse group called Santa Fe Prevention Alliance recently partnered to train local community members on how to use naloxone. Naloxone, an opioid overdose antidote drug, is already being used by first responders, hospitals, and New Mexico rehab centers that treat opioid addiction. The purpose of …

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Mother’s Loss To Heroin Abuse Leads To Involvement With Addiction Community, New Mexico Drug Rehab Centers

An Albuquerque mother of two named Jennifer Weiss-Burke lost her son to heroin addiction in 2011. Before her son’s death, Weiss-Burke became involved with a nonprofit organization that drives substance abuse awareness throughout the state and connects struggling addicts with the help they need. Today, the work Weiss-Burke has done with New Mexico drug rehab …

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Medical Marijuana Could Soon Be An Available Treatment At Opioid Drug Rehab Centers in New Mexico

Opioid drug rehab centers in New Mexico are saying patients fare better with treatment and sobriety when freely allowed to use medical marijuana during recovery. Last month, a state advisory panel voted five-to-one in favor of adding opiate abuse disorder to the list of conditions that qualify residents for medical marijuana. Health professionals are now …

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